Aromatic Salt Body Scrub

  • Aromatic Salt Body Scrub

Aromatic Salt Body Scrub



Directions for use: To exfoliate take 1 tbsp, add oil and scrub skin in a ciruclar motion.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sodium, Phosphate, Potassium Sorbet, Bentonite, Juniper Extract, Violet Extract, & Rosemary Extract.

Caution: Excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause skin rash. In case of itching or redness stop use, if rash persist see a doctor.

Store in a dry cool place.


Tightens skin, Fades scars, Improves skin elasticity, Exfoliates & refines rough skin, Improves blood circulation


Provides lasting results by activating the body’s natural Thermo-genesis, that essentially transform fat into energy.

Feature 3

Ideal to revitalize your skin and tighten.